RUST Research Table Guide (2024)

The RUST Research Table Guide

The RUST research table was originally introduced into RUST in Devblog 158. Shortly after, it was subsequently removed and then re-introduced again in Devblog 180 along with an improved Blueprint 3.0, scrap, and three-tiered workbench system. In the simplest terms, it allows players to create item blueprints from the items they have. Once an item blueprint is created, it can then be memorized by the player, if they choose to, which will allow them to permanently craft that memorized item.

However, apart from its primary use, there are other interesting usages and things to note about research tables, such as crafting a research table on an official server is also one of the many RUST achievements to accomplish.

This guide covers these topics and more:

  • What is a RUST Research Table
  • How to create a RUST Research Table
  • How to use a RUST Research Table
  • Where to find RUST Research Tables
  • RUST Research Costs List

What is a RUST Research Table?

The RUST research table is a core piece of the game’s crafting and blueprint systems. It enables players to research items they acquire across the game world and create tradeable blueprints of these items.

Once a blueprint is created, it can then be traded, stored, or memorized. When memorized, these blueprints permanently allow a player to craft the newly learned item using the appropriate crafting tables and necessary ingredients. All memorized items are permanently bound to the player for the server in which they were memorized. This fact is why many players prefer to stay with a RUST server during wipe cycles, as many players do not like losing their blueprints.

Secondary uses for the Research Table

Players can choose to craft tables and place them both in or outside of their base designs, as they can also be placed outside on the ground. Notably, research tables can also be picked up and stored away in a player’s inventory or other containers, without the table taking damage. This flexibility allows tables to be utilized when necessary and stowed away when they’re not in use.

Many base designers enjoy taking advantage of this detail in their base designs since it adds a great utility for jump-ups and can be removed when it is not needed in order to save space. For base designs that feature the research table as more of a permanent feature, the entity itself has space below it for the placement of a small box, which helps to increase the storage capacity of the space.

The RUST research table has a few secondary uses, such as:

  • Identifying the workbench level needed to craft a given item
  • Use it to view a given item’s required research cost
  • An additional place to store a stack of scrap
  • Use as a removable staircase alternative to access upper floors
  • Memorizing rare items on-the-go to reduce risk of loss

How to create a Research Table

On vanilla servers, research tables are a default item available in player crafting menus when spawning into the game world. In order to craft a research table, players must be standing near a work bench level 1, or greater. Crafting a single table with a work bench level 1 takes approximately 60 seconds to complete and requires the following ingredients in a players inventory:

  • 200 Metal Fragments
  • 20 Scrap

How to use a RUST Research Table

Using a research table is quite simple, but you will need to ensure you have the materials necessary to complete the research, which includes the item to blueprint and the required scrap for research. Use the RUST Research Costs table lower in this post to identify the exact amounts needed.

Follow these steps to use the RUST research table:

  1. Move near the table and press the E button
  2. The table’s & inventory screen will open
  3. Move the item to research into the top slot
  4. Add the required amount of scrap to the bottom slot
  5. Press the Begin Research button

Creating a Blueprint – Screen States

RUST Research Table Guide (2)

After the Begin Research button is clicked, a 10-second timer will begin to count down inside of the screen and an audible sound can be heard by all players in the vicinity. Players can walk away from the table if they choose and the research will continue, but be warned, other players can walk up and loot the resulting blueprint or resources, so take care. If you add more scrap than necessary, be sure to remove it when done, otherwise, other players can take it.

When the blueprint research is complete, the blueprint will appear in the top slot as an item blueprint icon. Players can choose to move this new blueprint into their inventory, put it in a storage container, trade it to another player, sell it in a vending machine, or they can use the Right Click mouse button on the blueprint icon to permanently memorize it to their crafting list.

Once a blueprint is memorized, with the required resources, the items can now be crafted on the same game server that the blueprint was memorized on.

Where to find RUST Research Tables

There are many RUST research tables spread across the game world inside of various monuments. Players will also find them while roaming the map inside decaying bases, or while actively raiding, and while looting containers on roadsides or in monuments. Sometimes, players will run into a miscellaneous table out in the wilderness. This is often attributed to players who ventured into monuments and brought a table with them. Thanks to this tactic, these players are able to quickly memorize the rare items that they’ve collected and reduce the risk of losing their precious items if met with opposition when returning to their bases.

That said, finding a research table can be tricky, as it is difficult to identify which monuments have research tables as they’re not specified on the map. Also, consider that RUST is still under development, and monuments, along with the rest of the game, are subject to change. We’ve put together a list of all of RUST’s research table locations, with an overhead view and description of how to access them.

Monument Research Table Locations

MonumentResearch Table
Abandoned CabinsNo
Abandoned Military BaseNo
Abandoned SupermarketNo
Bandit CampYes
Giant ExcavatorNo
Large HarborNo
Small HarborNo
Large Fishing VillageNo
Large Oil RigYes
Launch SiteYes
Light HouseNo
Military TunnelsNo
Mining OutpostNo
Nuclear Missile SiloNo
Oil DomeNo
Oxum’s Gas StationNo
Power PlantYes
Satellite DishYes
Sewer BranchNo
Small Fishing Village 1No
Small Fishing Village 2No
Small Oil RigNo
Train YardNo
Water Treatment PlantNo

RUST Airfield Research Table Location

The research table at the airfield monument is located in the office building opposite the hangars. Head into the building either via the front-side door or through the garage entry. Staying on the ground floor, follow the hallway and keep an eye out for a room with no door. The research table is easily seen through this doorway.

RUST Bandit Camp Research Table Location

The research table at the Bandit Camp is located on the second floor of the “Stuff” vendor. This vendor resides in the hut adjacent to the “weapons” vendor, which is also attached to the windmill. Follow the stairs that lead to the second floor and there will be a door entrance that leads to the research table.

RUST Large Oil Rig Research Table Location

The research table at the Large Oil Rig monument is located on the 6th floor, inside of the administration room, located directly under the helipad. In the back of the room, behind a wall of recording tapes, the research table is tucked into the corner of the room. There are no keycards required to get into this room, but it is heavily guarded by scientists.

RUST Launch Site Research Table Location

The research table at the Launch Site monument is located on the ground level of a Cobalt Space Center administration building, which is the closest admin building to the launch pad itself. Enter the side door, surrounded by a barrel, and two pallet stacks and move straight in. The first office you come across will have a door on the right side of the hall and the research table will be tucked into a cubicle.

RUST Power Plant Research Table Location

The research table at the Power Plant monument is located in the central puzzle building in the middle of the monument. Once inside the building, follow the stairs up to the “Control Room” level. The table is inside the control room.

RUST Outpost Research Table Location

The research table at the Outpost monument is located in the central area, which is accessible by both main entrances and is in a small area with a rusted barbed wire fence. Above the table, on the building side, is a large wooden sign that reads “Research”, with an arrow pointing at the table itself.

RUST Satellite Dish Research Table Location

The research table at the Satellite Dish monument is located directly under the largest satellite dish, in a small room. There is a doorway with no door and the table is readily accessible.

RUST Research Costs List

This data table displays the full list of RUST research costs and details all items that can be researched, along with the corresponding work bench level required to craft the item.

ItemScrapWorkbench Tier
12 Gauge Buckshot752
12 Gauge Incendiary Shell752
12 Gauge Slug752
5.56 Rifle Ammo1252
8x Zoom Scope1253
Acoustic Guitar200
AND Switch202
Armored co*ckpit Vehicle Module1253
Armored Door5003
Armored Double Door5003
Armored Passenger Vehicle Module1253
Assault Rifle5003
Assault Rifle - ICE5003
Audio Alarm201
Auto Turret5002
Bandana Mask200
Barbed Wooden Barricade751
Baseball Cap1250
Basic Horse Shoes5001
Bath Tub Planter5000
Beancan Grenade751
Beenie Hat200
Blue Boomer5000
Blue Roman Candle5000
Bolt Action Rifle5003
Bone Armor5000
Bone Arrow5000
Bone Club5000
Bone Helmet5000
Bone Knife5000
Boonie Hat200
Bota Bag5000
Bucket Helmet751
Building Plan5000
Bunny Hat5000
Burlap Gloves200
Burlap Headwrap5000
Burlap Shirt5000
Burlap Shoes5000
Burlap Trousers5000
Camp Fire5000
Camper Vehicle Module1252
Candle Hat200
Carvable Pumpkin5000
Ceiling Light201
Chainlink Fence201
Chainlink Fence Gate201
Champagne Boomer5000
Chicken Costume5000
Chinese Lantern200
Chinese Lantern White200
Chippy Arcade Game5001
Christmas Door Wreath5000
Christmas Lights5000
Clatter Helmet5000
co*ckpit Vehicle Module1252
co*ckpit With Engine Vehicle Module1252
Code Lock5000
Coffee Can Helmet752
Combat Knife751
Compound Bow751
Computer Station752
Concrete Barricade202
Cursed Cauldron5000
Custom SMG1252
Deluxe Christmas Lights5000
Door Controller751
Double Barrel Shotgun1251
Double Sign Post750
Dracula Mask5000
Dragon Door Knocker5000
Dragon Mask5000
Drop Box751
Easter Door Wreath5000
Egg Suit1250
Electric Furnace752
Electric Heater751
Electrical Branch201
Empty Propane Tank752
Engine Vehicle Module1252
Eoka Pistol200
Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo1253
Extended Magazine1252
F1 Grenade752
Festive Doorway Garland5000
Festive Double Doorway Garland5000
Festive Window Garland5000
Fire Arrow201
Fish Trophy5000
Flame Thrower1252
Flame Turret751
Flasher Light201
Flatbed Vehicle Module1252
Floor grill751
Floor triangle grill751
Fluid Combiner201
Fluid Splitter201
Fluid Switch & Pump201
Frog Boots5000
Frontier Bolts Single Item Rack5001
Frontier Horns Single Item Rack5001
Frontier Horseshoe Single Item Rack5001
Fuel Tank Vehicle Module1252
Garage Door752
Garry's Mod Tool Gun5000
Giant Candy Decor5000
Giant Lollipop Decor5000
Graveyard Fence5000
Green Boomer5000
Green Industrial Wall Light201
Green Roman Candle5000
Gun Powder5001
Handmade Fishing Rod5000
Handmade Shell5000
Hazmat Suit1252
Hazmat Youtooz5000
HBHF Sensor752
Heavy Plate Helmet1252
Heavy Plate Jacket1252
Heavy Plate Pants1252
Heavy Scientist Youtooz5000
Hide Boots5000
Hide Halterneck5000
Hide Pants5000
Hide Poncho5000
Hide Skirt5000
Hide Vest5000
High External Stone Gate5002
High External Stone Wall5002
High External Wooden Gate1251
High External Wooden Wall1251
High Quality Carburetor203
High Quality Crankshaft203
High Quality Horse Shoes752
High Quality Pistons203
High Quality Spark Plugs203
High Quality Valves203
High Velocity Arrow201
High Velocity Rocket1252
Hitch & Trough5000
Hobo Barrel5000
Homemade Landmine1252
Homing Missile1252
Homing Missile Launcher5002
Horizontal Weapon Rack5001
Hose Tool201
Hot Air Balloon Armor751
Huge Wooden Sign750
Hunting Bow5000
HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo1253
HV Pistol Ammo1252
Improvised Balaclava200
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo1253
Incendiary Pistol Bullet1252
Incendiary Rocket1252
Industrial Combiner201
Industrial Conveyor201
Industrial Crafter752
Industrial Splitter201
Industrial Wall Light201
Jack O Lantern Angry5000
Jack O Lantern Happy5000
Key Lock5000
Ladder Hatch1252
Landscape Picture Frame750
Large Animated Neon Sign5002
Large Banner Hanging1250
Large Banner on pole1250
Large Candle Set5000
Large Flatbed Vehicle Module1252
Large Furnace1252
Large Hunting Trophy5000
Large Medkit752
Large Neon Sign5001
Large Planter Box200
Large Rechargeable Battery752
Large Solar Panel751
Large Water Catcher752
Large Wood Box5000
Large Wooden Sign750
Laser Detector752
Leather Gloves200
Legacy Wood Shelter750
Longsleeve T-Shirt201
Low Grade Fuel5000
Low Quality Carburetor201
Low Quality Crankshaft201
Low Quality Pistons201
Low Quality Spark Plugs201
Low Quality Valves201
Mail Box200
Medical Syringe752
Medium Animated Neon Sign5002
Medium Neon Sign5001
Medium Quality Carburetor202
Medium Quality Crankshaft202
Medium Quality Pistons202
Medium Quality Spark Plugs202
Medium Quality Valves202
Medium Rechargeable Battery752
Medium Wooden Sign200
Memory Cell752
Metal Barricade1252
Metal Blade752
Metal Chest Plate5003
Metal Detector751
Metal Facemask5003
Metal horizontal embrasure202
Metal Pipe1253
Metal Shop Front1251
Metal Spring1253
Metal Vertical embrasure202
Metal Window Bars751
Minecart Planter5000
Miners Hat201
Mixing Table751
Modular Car Lift1252
Molotov co*cktail752
Movember Moustache5000
Muzzle Boost1252
Muzzle Brake1252
Nailgun Nails5000
Nest Hat5000
New Year Gong5000
Night Vision Goggles1252
Ninja Suit5000
One Sided Town Sign Post750
OR Switch201
Orange Boomer5000
Ox Mask5000
Passenger Vehicle Module1252
Pattern Boomer5000
Pipe Tool5001
Pistol Bullet751
Portrait Picture Frame750
Powered Water Purifier752
Pressure Pad201
Prison Cell Gate752
Prison Cell Wall752
PTZ CCTV Camera752
Pump Shotgun1252
Purple Sunglasses5000
Python Revolver1252
Rabbit Mask5000
Rail Road Planter5000
RAND Switch202
Rat Mask5000
Reactive Target201
Rear Seats Vehicle Module1252
Red Boomer5000
Red Industrial Wall Light201
Red Roman Candle5000
Red Volcano Firework5000
Reinforced Glass Window1253
Repair Bench5001
Research Table1251
RF Broadcaster202
RF Pager202
RF Receiver202
RF Transmitter202
Riot Helmet751
Road Sign Jacket752
Road Sign Kilt752
Road Signs753
Roadsign Gloves202
Roadsign Horse Armor1252
Rocket Launcher5002
Rocking Chair5001
Root Combiner751
Rug Bear Skin200
Rustigé Egg - Blue5000
Rustigé Egg - Green5000
Rustigé Egg - Ivory5000
Rustigé Egg - Purple5000
Rustigé Egg - Red5000
Rustigé Egg - White5000
Saddle bag5001
Salvaged Axe1252
Salvaged Cleaver751
Salvaged Hammer751
Salvaged Icepick1252
Salvaged Shelves750
Salvaged Sword201
SAM Ammo752
Sandbag Barricade201
Santa Beard5000
Satchel Charge1251
Search Light752
Semi-Automatic Pistol1252
Semi-Automatic Rifle1252
Sewing Kit753
Sheet Metal Door1250
Sheet Metal Double Door5000
Shop Front5000
Shotgun Trap1251
Simple Handmade Sight751
Single Sign Post200
Siren Light201
Skinning Knife5001
Skull Door Knocker5000
Skull Fire Pit5000
Skull Spikes5000
Skull Trophy5000
Sky Lantern5000
Sleeping Bag750
Small Backpack751
Small Candle Set5000
Small Generator752
Small Hunting Trophy5000
Small Neon Sign5001
Small Oil Refinery752
Small Planter Box200
Small Rechargeable Battery201
Small Stash5000
Small Water Catcher201
Small Wooden Sign200
Smart Alarm752
Smart Switch202
Smoke Grenade752
Snap Trap751
Snow Jacket201
Snow Machine5001
Snowman Helmet5000
Sofa - Pattern5000
Speargun Spear201
Spinning wheel200
Spooky Speaker5000
Spray Can200
Stone Barricade200
Stone Fireplace200
Stone Hatchet5000
Stone Pickaxe5000
Stone Spear5000
Storage Adaptor201
Storage Barrel Horizontal5000
Storage Barrel Vertical5000
Storage Monitor752
Storage Vehicle Module1252
Strengthened Glass Window752
Strobe Light5000
Surgeon Scrubs1251
Survey Charge5002
Survival Fish Trap5000
Tall Picture Frame750
Tall Weapon Rack5001
Tank Top200
Taxi Vehicle Module1252
Tesla Coil202
Tiger Mask5000
Timed Explosive Charge5003
Tool Cupboard5000
Torch Holder5000
Triangle Ladder Hatch1252
Tuna Can Lamp200
Twitch Rivals Trophy5000
Twitch Rivals Trophy 20235000
Two Sided Hanging Sign750
Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign1250
Two Sided Town Sign Post1250
Vending Machine751
Violet Boomer5000
Violet Roman Candle5000
Violet Volcano Firework5000
Wanted Poster5000
Watch Tower751
Water Barrel200
Water Bucket200
Water Pump752
Water Purifier5000
Waterpipe Shotgun751
Weapon flashlight751
Weapon Lasersight1253
Weapon Rack Stand5000
White Volcano Firework5000
Wide Weapon Rack5001
Wind Turbine1252
Wire Tool5001
Wolf Headdress1250
Wood Armor Helmet750
Wood Armor Pants750
Wood Chestplate750
Wood Double Door1250
Wood Shutters200
Wood Storage Box5000
Wooden Arrow5000
Wooden Barricade200
Wooden Barricade Cover200
Wooden Door5000
Wooden Floor Spikes200
Wooden Frontier Bar Doors1250
Wooden Horse Armor5001
Wooden Ladder1251
Wooden Spear5000
Wooden Window Bars200
Workbench Level 11250
Workbench Level 21251
Workbench Level 31252
XL Picture Frame1250
XOR Switch201
XXL Picture Frame1250
RUST Research Table Guide (2024)


How to use the research table in Rust? ›

The research table is a craftable deployable item that is used for researching obtained items for a price. This can be done by pressing the 'E' key, inserting your item and the required scrap metal to acquire a blueprint for use at the appropriate tier of workbench.

How to make tier 1 workbench rust? ›

Building a Workbench is simple. All you need is 8 Stone and 50 Wood. You can get stone by hacking at lone rock resources, and you can get wood by hacking at trees. Once you have all your resources, select Workbench in the Crafting menu, and click the Craft button.

What is a research table? ›

Research tables are useful for presenting data. They show a lot of information in a simple format, but they can be hard to understand if you don't work with them every day. Here, we describe some basic concepts that may help you read and understand research tables. The sample table below gives examples.

What gives the most scrap in Rust? ›

Dirt roads are one of the best areas for players to find Scrap in Rust. Players should look for Barrels (Standard Barrel, Biohazard Barrel, Oil Barrel, and Trash Can) and Food Crates scattered alongside the road as they usually have a decent amount of Scrap.

How much scrap does it take to research a garage door in Rust? ›

Once you find one, it'll cost 75 scrap to research and then require a level 1 workbench to craft.

Can you share research rust? ›

Simple concept: members of a team can share blueprints. The recipes you get from sharing requires more materials and/or even scraps (quantity depending on item crafting level). The team leader can decide if enable this feature or not with a GUI control and a console boolean flag like team. enable_bp_share .

How do I use the research table plate up? ›

The Research Desk must be placed next to a Blueprints Cabinet. A Blueprints Cabinet is received for free when the game begins. Place an upgradeable appliance in the Blueprints Cabinet. When the day starts, walk to the Research Desk, interact with it, and upgrade the appliance.

How to use a research paper in Rust? ›

The Research Paper is used at a Research Table to increase the chance of successfully creating Blueprints from/of a craftable item. The item that you use will be consumed if you successfully manage to make Blueprints of it.

How do you gather items in Rust? ›

Gathering is quite simple in Rust. When you start the game, the only tool you'll have for gathering is the Rock. It's very slow, but it works when you need to gather some Resources from the world. Walk up to a tree or to a lone boulder and start smashing your rock on it to gather some items.

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