RUST Repair Bench Guide (2024)

A Player’s Guide to the Rust Repair Bench

The RUST Repair Bench is a deployable item that is available to players for the purpose of repairing damaged items or changing the appearance of items by applying RUST skins, that may be purchased or earned.

This guide will cover the following topics:

  • What is a repair bench?
  • What does a repair bench do?
  • How to use the repair bench to repair items
  • How to use the repair bench to change item skins
  • Where to find repair benches

What is a repair bench?

Repair benches in RUST are deployable items that can be crafted by players and found throughout the game world. With these items, players can repair damaged or broken items as long as the item can still be repaired. When repairing an item, you will find that the max health of the item will not be 100. A 20% reduction in the maximum health of the item will occur every time it is repaired.

Generally, an item will be repaired with materials used to craft it. Certain components like metal pipes and metal blades, however, aren’t required for repair, but their constituent materials may be.

Repair benches work well inside and outside the base thanks to the ability to pick them up and store them away when they aren’t being used. Picking up deployables, including the repair bench, requires that the player hold the hammer in their hand while looking at the repair bench and holding ‘E’ to initiate the pick-up of the item. This feature helps the bench take up less space in the player’s base when it isn’t needed often, and the bench itself does not take damage when picking up, either.

What does a repair bench do?

Repair benches perform two important tasks in RUST. The first, obviously, is to repair damaged and broken items if they can still be repaired. When repairing a tier two or tier three item, you must know the blueprint to perform the repair.

The second function of repair benches is to allow players to change the skins of the inserted item. You are not required to know the blueprint of the item to change the skin.

How to use a repair bench to repair items.

The repair bench’s primary job is to repair your items. To repair an item, you must have the necessary repair materials and, in the case of tier 2 and tier 3 items, know the blueprint of the item.

RUST Repair Bench Guide (1)

To repair an item, place the damaged item into a repair bench. The bench’s interface screen will tell you how much of each resource is needed to repair the item in its current state. More damaged items will require more resources to repair. If you do not have enough of a repair material, the material will show up in red text like seen below. Clicking the green “Repair” button will do nothing until all of the required materials are in the player’s inventory.

RUST Repair Bench Guide (2)

Using a repair bench to change item skins.

Changing item skins is easy to do. First, you’ll need a repair bench and an item that you have acquired a skin for. Unlike repairing an item, you do not need to know the blueprint of the item that you wish to change the skin for. Place the item inside the repair bench to reveal the skins that are available. Click on the desired skin from the Skins options to update the skin of the item in the repair bench. If you are happy with this change, drag the item from the repair bench back to your inventory and you are now able to use the skinned item.

Where to find repair benches in RUST?

Despite being craftable by players, workbenches are scattered around the game world at various monuments. Below, we provide a list of all monuments with deployed repair benches for players to use while exploring and loot farming.

MonumentRepair Bench
Abandoned CabinsNo
Abandoned Military BaseNo
Abandoned SupermarketNo
Bandit CampYes
Giant ExcavatorNo
Large HarborNo
Small HarborNo
Large Fishing VillageNo
Large Oil RigNo
Launch SiteYes
Light HouseNo
Military TunnelsNo
Mining OutpostYes
Oil DomeNo
Oxum’s Gas StationNo
Power PlantYes
Satellite DishNo
Sewer BranchNo
Small Fishing Village 1No
Small Fishing Village 2No
Small Oil RigNo
Train YardYes
Water Treatment PlantYes

RUST repair bench locations

Airfield Repair Bench Location

The repair bench at the Airfield is located directly next to the recycler in the large building opposite the tarmac from the hangars. When facing the building, head to the left side and you’ll come upon the large doors of a garage. The repair bench will be in this room along a wall and next to a recycler and across from an oil refinery.

Bandit Camp Repair Bench Location

The repair bench in Bandit Camp is conveniently located in the building closest to the Air Wolf shop. When leaving the Air Wolf compound through the large door, run straight ahead to the adjacent building and head up the stairs to the second floor. The repair bench can be found inside the second-floor room.

Launch Site Repair Bench Location

The repair bench inside of Launch Site can be found on the Administration building side of the monument. If you enter this area from the rocket test site, the first admin building on the right will be the building you want. The quickest path to take to the repair bench is to run around the outside of the building until you come to the door that faces opposite another administration building. Enter this door and walk several feet into the hallway. There is an office entry on your right; turn into the offices and go straight to the wall. Take another right into a back-office area. The repair bench is nestled snuggly in this tiny office.

Mining Outpost Repair Bench Location

The repair bench at the Mining Outpost can be found easily when entering the building. The repair bench will be along with one of the exterior walls between a shelf of crates and a pile of boxes. A recycler will be located on the opposite wall.

Outpost Repair Bench Location

The repair bench at the Outpost can be found in a small building with a wooden sign reading “Repairs” outside the door. From the Gate 1 entry point, it will be the first building you are able to enter on the right side of the street.

Power Plant Repair Bench Location

There are two repair benches located at the Power Plant. To find them, follow the red parallel pipes that run between the two cooling towers until you reach a red warehouse building that is elevated above the ground on stilts. Locate the stairs that lead up to the building from below it and climb them up to the first level. At the top of these stairs, you will see another set of stairs to the right. Take these stairs as well. At the top of the next set of stairs, you will see a partition wall with one of the two repair benches. On the other side of this wall will be the other.

Train Yard Repair Bench Location

The repair bench at the Train Yard can be found in the largest red warehouse building adjacent to the shipping container yard. When entering the building from the garage on the ground level, find a staircase to ascend. These stairs will bring you to a walkway that spans the perimeter of the room. Follow this walkway around until you come upon the repair bench along the outer wall.

Water Treatment Plant Repair Bench Location

There are two repair benches at the Water Treatment Plant. The first can be found on the top floor of the centralmost building of the monument. This red warehouse building is surrounded by a road on three sides. Getting into the building requires going through the large crank doors on the ground level. Once inside, a tall staircase will take you to the second floor. Hook to the right, and you will see a small partition room without a door. The repair bench and a fuse box can be found inside.

The second repair bench can be found in the tall, southernmost building on the map above, sharing a partition wall with the recycler.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this Rust Repair Bench Guide has answered your questions and given you more insight into the uses of the repair bench. As always, if you have further questions or have identified missing or inaccurate content, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in Discord so that we can improve the guide.

RUST Repair Bench Guide (2024)


Can you pick up a Repair Bench in Rust? ›

You can pick up crates, fridge, small furnace, repair bench and what ever except for workbench.

How to make tier 1 workbench rust? ›

Building a Workbench is simple. All you need is 8 Stone and 50 Wood. You can get stone by hacking at lone rock resources, and you can get wood by hacking at trees. Once you have all your resources, select Workbench in the Crafting menu, and click the Craft button.

Can you repair a fully broken workbench in Rust? ›

Repair benches offer a cost-effective way to repair once-broken items back to a usable state. Each repair costs half of the original cost of a new version of the item, and does not use components. Every time an item is repaired, it loses some of it's maximum durability.

How to break tier 3 workbench? ›

the cheapest way to destroy a tier 3 workbench. is with 167 fire arrows. or with four jackhammers. if you don't want to use any resources.

Can you pick up a Repair Bench with a hammer? ›

Yes you can pick them up with a hammer, but they lose health when you do so.

Is there a Tier 2 workbench in Rust? ›

The Workbench Level 2 is used primarily for the research of new blueprints, but can also be used as a station to refill Oxygen Tanks and the Jackhammer. To use the Workbench, first place it in a suitable location and press the Use key to interact (Default: E).

Can you craft a Repair Bench in Rust? ›

The Repair Bench was an item used to repair broken or badly damaged Tools, Weapons and Armor. In order to craft, players needed 12 Stones, 60 Wood, 50 Metal Fragments and 6 Low Grade Fuel. After repairing an item, it's maximum condition is lowered, causing it to last shorter after each repair.

How do you put a hammer in repair mode? ›

How to repair buildings in Valheim. To repair damaged building parts equip the hammer, open the build menu and make sure the wooden hammer icon is selected, marked as "repair".

What level is Repair Bench Palworld? ›

You will unlock the Repair Bench after you have reached Technology Level 2. Unlocking the Repair Bench requires 1 Technology Point, and crafting requires 10 Woods and 10 Stones.

How do you fix an uneven workbench? ›

Check the top for level, and add wood shims to the bottom of the base's legs as necessary (see the drawing below). With the top as level as possible, attach the shims with adhesive or fasteners. Mark the position of each leg onto the floor so that you can always return the bench to its level location.

Can you repair a Jackhammer at a workbench? ›

Along with The Team System Update, the Jackhammer was the competitor, tool wise, to the chainsaw. It can be found in tool crates or sunken crates. It does not need fuel, and can be repaired at a repair bench or replenished at a workbench for no cost.

How much does it cost to get a workbench level 3 rust? ›

The Workbench Level 3 requires 1000 Scrap to create a blueprint. Players will always recieve a blueprint of that level from random - however - if a player already has knowledge of a blueprint, a duplicate will not be shown.

What does Workbench level 3 do? ›

The workbench tier 3 is a crafting station used to craft some of the most advanced items. It has many more crafting recipes than its predecessor, the workbench tier 2.

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