Pre-Arrival Guide 2022/23 Season (2024)

We’ve created this “Pre-Arrival Guide” just for you to make every minute of your vacation unforgettable - including your experience before arriving at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

To maximize your playtime, we're tossin' some info + tips at ya to get the most of your day at the place #WherePlayReignsFree.

How to Pick Up Your Lift Tickets

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Quick, Easy + Touchless

Your lift ticket or 3-PAK will be RFID enabled, meaning a chip inside of it will automatically open a gate to allow you to load the lift once you have your card. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth experience:

  1. After purchasing ticket(s) online, print your barcode from home or save the confirmation email on your phone.
  2. When you arrive, head to a pickup box located next to ticket windows in the base area for contactless service.
  3. Using your phone or printed email, scan the bar code.
  4. Your RFID card(s) will print. Place card in left-side pocket.
  5. Proceed to lift and enjoy your day!


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Parking is based on mountain capacity and is on a first come-first served basis. Possessing a purchased product from Sierra (including a preferred parking pass) does not guarantee entrance or a parking spot. We suggest arriving early as parking fills up quickly on weekends, peak days, holidays + powder days. We plan to open the Sierra parking lots by 7 am every day during the winter season but this can vary based on weather.

Utilize the Preferred Parking Lots

Time is of the essence on a powder day. Sierra’s Preferred Parking, available for just $35 per day, gets skiers and riders out of the car quicker and onto the slopes for first tracks. At day’s end, the short walk to the car will be a welcome treat that even the fittest quadriceps will appreciate after a full day on the slopes.

Plus, all our parking in our lots at Sierra for our guest, besides Preferred Parking, is FREE!


Directions - Don’t Get Lost

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Getting to Sierra-at-Tahoe is easy! Sierra is the first resort up U.S. Highway 50 and the closest major resort to Sacramento and the Bay Area - located 12 miles west of South Lake Tahoe, about 90 minutes from Reno and roughly three hours from the Bay Area.

Travel by Air Driving Directions Carpool

Road Conditions

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While we think fresh snow is the bees knees, sometimes driving in it is not so fun. Keep your journey hassle-free by staying up-to-date on current road conditions, such as chain control restrictions and weather advisories. Hit up the CalTrans crew for the 411 on roads by swinging by or giving them a ring at 800-427-7623.

Weather + Snow Report

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Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes here in the mountains, which is why it's important to be aware of conditions and prepare accordingly. Stay in the loop by checking our daily Mountain Conditions Report, which also lists a 5-day forecast, or by calling our Snow Phone at (530) 659-7475 before you head up each morning.

Mountain Safety

We prepare the mountain each day for you and to help you - our valued guests - ski or snowboard safely and responsibly while having a fun experience with your family and friends, we encourage you to read our Mountain Safety guide. Filled with tips, tricks + information on how to make the most of your outdoor experience while recreating at Sierra, this guide covers everything from chair lift safety to deep snow information.

Due to the damage sustained from the Caldor Fire, the landscape of Sierra has changed, and additional precautions should be followed:


  • Read and follow Your Responsibility Code.
  • Stay out of Closed Areas. Skiing or riding in a Closed Area is a violation of Penal Code sections 602 (k) and (r).
  • Gladed Areas are closed due to danger posed by fire damaged trees.
  • Off Piste and Gladed Areas contain unmarked obstacles and are not patrolled.
  • The trail map is conceptual and is a general depiction of the terrain. The trail and lift designations on this map supersede any prior maps or brochures.
  • This is a partial list. Be aware of your surroundings and use common sense
  • Actual conditions may vary

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Sierra Webcams

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Get a first-person perspective, from anywhere on any device, of what the current mountain conditions are here at Sierra from 12 locations with our live webcams.


Trail Maps

Pre-Arrival Guide 2022/23 Season (8)First time shredding at Sierra? Become familiar with the mountain in advance by viewing one of our trail maps! It will provide an overview of our 2,212 vertical feet, 2,000 acres, 14 lifts, 48trails, innovative progressive terrain parks and plenty of steeps, groomers and backcountry terrain for you to enjoy.

View Trail Maps

Need Gear? Let our Pros Help Ya

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Check out our slope-side shop. So pumped to shred the gnar youforgot some gear? Cruise through Sierra Mountain Sports or our rental shops, conveniently located slope-side so you can snag some stee*zy new swag, a pair of skis, snowboard, boots, poles or whatever you need and get straight back to the important stuff, like hitting that sweet rail set-up on Broadway or making hot laps down Lower Main.

Rental Options Sierra Mountain Sports

Get Your Grub On

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Sierra's on-hill food options cover all the bases, from Southern-style BBQ, juicy burgers and soul-warming chili to ancient grain rice + noodle bowls, surf tacos + tasty co*cktails and craft beer... we've got something for everyone to tantalize your taste buds + refuel while on the slopes.

Favor Your Flavor

Riding on the Weekend? Wait Less, Ride More!

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So busy working for the man you gotta shred on the weekends? We call that a weekend warrior, my friend, and there ain’t no shame in that game. Do yourself a favor and snag a fast pass, so you can make the most of your hard-earned weekend shred sesh.

Buy Fast Pass Now

Lessons at Sierra

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Sierra’s SMART TERRAIN® Program offers beginners an opportunity to experience the sport of skiing or snowboarding in an environment best suited for learning and improving skills. Our learning terrain, Easy Street, is 11 acres of sculpted terrain including gently banked turns and shaped features that naturally guide skiers and snowboarders into turns and stops so they are able to learn the fundamentals of skiing and riding more quickly. Two dedicated conveyor lifts make it a breeze to get up the hill, so beginners can focus on coming back down.

Book A Lesson Today

Mountain Operating Hours + Department Contact Info

Lift Operations

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Peak Days November 25-27, 2022 | December 17 - January 8, 2023 | January 14-16, 2023 | February 18-26, 2023

View All Operating Hours + Department Info

Pre-Arrival Guide 2022/23 Season (2024)
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