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Sierra-At-Tahoe Resort | Visit Lake Tahoe (2)‘Spring riding’ is in the air . With an extra hour of sunlight + 6ft of snow from the last storm, Sierra is starting to transform into beachy Sierra-at-Cabo, with the vibes we wait all season for. From riding Sierra-At-Tahoe Resort | Visit Lake Tahoe (3) waves in the Terrain Parks, cruising sun kissed groomers in West Bowl or getting big air in Huckleberry Canyon, Spring has sprung – time to harvest some corn.
Sierra-At-Tahoe Resort | Visit Lake Tahoe (4) Save yourself the plane ticket + step into a sno-asis of fresh mountain air, goggle tans galore + tropical turns to get your fix at Sierra-at-Cabo with a 2024/25 Season Pass! With a Season Pass you can buy now + ski now — for slush slashes this spring + secure your spot for next winter at the lowest prices of the year. Passes drop March 22 + with the mountain looking prime time for Spring, map out your escape to the ultimate day-destination. Simple, uncomplicated, and #definitelydifferent.
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Day Tix Starting At $87!
If you’re looking to take the mountain for a ‘test drive’ before 24/25 Season Passes go on sale- a day lift ticket for you. Starting as low as $87, when you book online in advance, come check out the new landscape, take some turns + soak in the Sierra-at-Cabo vibes.
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Please note: Closing Day has been extended to Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sierra-at-Tahoe has long been known as a gathering place for families of all ages to come together and play. Whether your kids are just learning how to make turns or you ride from top to bottom together, you’re sure to make new memories on the mountain that will last a lifetime. Sierra prides itself on its family-friendly layout, from its sculpted learning terrain to its meal offerings.

Explore it all here, and start planning your next family getaway!

Still recovering from the Caldor Fire that burned through the resort in 2021, this season a new maintenance shop will house Sierra’s Mountain Operations department, day care services will return, Sierra-at-Tahoe Road has been repaved, and parking lot improvements have been completed. The resort will also offer a new special rate 2023-24 season pass for First Responders.

Check out our NEW 2023-24 trail map + get STOKED on all that’s to come this season! For the first time since the 2021 Caldor Fire, this season we will be re-opening our entire 2000 acres of skiable terrain, unveiling new lines on the East Side + re-opening all previously closed glazed areas including thrill seeker favorites’ Avalanche Bowl + all 5 backcountry gates in Huckleberry Canyon.

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This year, Sierra is going cashless! What does that mean for you? Stash your cash in your piggy bank and use your card, smartwatch, or smartphone to tap, swipe, or chip at all locations across the resort.

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Check out ourSierra Insider Tipspage for information on how to make your trip as smooth as possible. Formountainconditions + capacity updates sent straight to your phone,text “conditions” to 833-264-8516.

They say good things come in 3s. With a lift ticket 3-PAK, you get three days any day this season, no blackouts.

At Sierra-at-Tahoe, you don’t have to go far for something different. Forged from flames, we welcomed a fresh start with open arms. A new range of terrain has been revealed- from big hero turns in West Bowl and fresh fall lines off Grandview, to sending big mountain terrain in Huckleberry Canyon or nailing first turns in our expansive Learning Terrain, our 48 trails, 2,000 acres and 2,212 vertical feet offer something new for everyone.

Just 12 miles west from South Lake Tahoe, this mountain averages 400+ inches of snowfall a year, making it Tahoe locals’ go-to choice on a powder day, and the preferred day destination as the closest major resort from Sacramento and the Bay Area.

So this year, take a detour to something different. For first timers we offer warm, welcoming, and (even more) dedicated Learning Terrain to carve your first turns at any age. And those looking to kick it up a notch head over to the Sierra Playgrounds that features 9 amphitheater style world-class terrain parks as well as South Shore’s only halfpipe.

Come experience the all-new Sierra-at-Tahoe, close to home, far from the same, and #DefinitelyDifferent

Get your season pass today!

Sierra Resort is a partner in recreation with the Eldorado National Forest.

For more information, or call 530.659.7453.

  • Text “conditions” to833-264-8516to get the latest reports on conditions, lifts, parking + more.
  • Text “snowalert” to833-264-8516to get on the list to receive text messages straight from our Snow Reporters if our snow stake reads 6” (or more) of new snow.
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Sierra-At-Tahoe Resort | Visit Lake Tahoe (2024)
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