Is Monica Beets Still married to her husband? Net Worth, Age, Kids. - Celebritydig (2024)

Monica Beets is a renowned Canadian gold miner best known for her appearance in the Gold Rush TV show. She was born in Canada on 7 November 1993 making her age 28 years as of September 2022.

Moreover, Monica is not the only miner in her family as her father Tony Beets is also a famous gold miner. The Gold Rush cast married her spouse Taylor Mayes on 11 August 2018.

Although there are no official reports yet, rumors have surfaced on the web that Monica is no longer with Taylor. So, we are here today to bust people’s speculation regarding our Gold Rush star.

Is Monica Beets still married to her husband? What is Monica Beets doing now? Let’s find out the answers along with her net worth and kids’ information.

Monica Beets Net Worth

According to Forbes, the TV celebrity Monica Beets has a net worth of $1.5 million as of September 2022. As for her income sources, she generates them through a number of different ventures. Among others, Monica’s primary income comes from gold mining.

Monica has been involved in the mining industry since she was a mere teenager. At 12 years of age, her dad Tony Beets made her stand alongside a front-end loader and asked her to find out how it worked.

After that, when she was 16, Tony made her a full-time employee working on his mining operations. Two years later, she got promoted to the supervisor position and led men almost twice her age in the mining field.

Is Monica Beets Still married to her husband? Net Worth, Age, Kids. - Celebritydig (1)

Moreover, Monica also attributes a part of her fortune to her nine years of a TV career. In 2013, she became the cast of the hit Discovery series, Gold Rush: The Dirt, which was a spin-off of Gold Rush. She then reprised her role in the original Gold Rush series in 2014.

Since then, Monica has been a regular Discovery face. She also recently on Gold Rush’s other spin-off show, Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune in 2021.

In the making of her massive net worth, Monica Beets receives approximately $200,000 from Gold Rush as her per-season pay. Her per-episode salary detail is currently unavailable.

However, as per reports, a cast of Discovery’s series makes anywhere from $10k to $25k per episode.

Is Monica Beets Still Married?

Monica Beets met her spouse Taylor Mayes during her mining job. The pair spontaneously fell for each other and rang wedding bells on 11 August 2018.

Monica and Taylor had an outdoor ceremony in Dawson City, Yukon. All the Gold Rush cast and her entire family members attended the wedding which was also broadcasted in an episode of the Gold Rush series.

Moreover, the wedding’s highlight was Monica’s dress which she purchased during her appearance in the popular TV show, Say Yes to Dress on TLC. Finally, after trying on a few dresses, Monica got herself a full-length backless gown for her special day.

Recently, Monica and Taylor’s rumors have been taking a toll on the internet. It apparently began because of Taylor’s scarce appearance on Monica’s Instagram and other social media profiles.

However, despite the rumor, the gold mining couple is still married and also does not seem to have problems in their marriage. About Taylor not featuring on his wife’s social media handles, it is probably because they want to keep their relationship private.


The Gold Rush star, Monica Beets, is the mother of her daughter Jasmine Beets. She announced her pregnancy in an episode of Gold Rush season 11, i.e., on 14 August 2020.

However, she has kept her daughter’s birthday a secret. Monica’s daughter has appeared alongside her parents and grandfather in several episodes of Gold Rush since 2021.

Is Monica Beets Still married to her husband? Net Worth, Age, Kids. - Celebritydig (2)

Besides that, Jasmine also regularly features on Monica’s Instagram wall. Recently, i.e., on 8 June 2022, Monica uploaded her daughter’s photo playing with a Shark Week Poster.

Who is Monica Beets husband?

Like Monica, her husband Taylor Mayes is also from the mining industry. The reality star is yet to disclose full details of her spouse.

However, on 25 January 2019, he made a single-episode appearance on his wife’s TV show.

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Is Monica Beets Still married to her husband? Net Worth, Age, Kids. - Celebritydig (2024)


Is Monica Beetz married? ›

Monica Beets has been married to Taylor Mayes since 11 August 2018.

Where does the beets family live in the winter? ›

Many live vicariously through Beets on the Discovery Channel. He was born in the Netherlands, worked a farm in Canada, and while he spends winters on a beach in Mexico, or in Tucson, Arizona, much of the time he lives in front of a television camera.

Does Monica Beets have a sister? ›

Who is Monica's husband? ›

Monica met future husband and NBA player Shannon Brown in June 2010 when they shot the music video for her second single "Love All Over Me".

Is Tony Beets a Millionaire? ›

Tony Beets' net worth sits at about $15 million (and almost none of it is from TV). He didn't amass that amount of wealth overnight though. In fact, Beets is a really hardworking guy. Born in the Netherlands, Beets relocated to Canada to better his life.

Did Parker Schnabel get married? ›

The Question of Matrimony. As of my last update in 2021, Parker Schnabel has not walked down the aisle. His marital status remains single, with commitment firmly rooted in mining. While love has visited the door, he remains unmarried, with heart's treasures still to be unearthed.

How old is Monica Beetz? ›

What is Monica Beets' age? The Canadian-born reality TV star is 28 years old as of 2022. She was born on 7 November 1993, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

What does the Beets family do in the off season? ›

They make the decision during the off-season to go deeper into debt, acquiring better equipment and crew for one more crack at hitting the motherlode.

Does Rick Ness still live in Milwaukee? ›

She and Rick lived together in Arizona briefly. They currently live in the miner's home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rick Ness' gf also has one son, but she doesn't post much about him. Rick Ness is a television personality and gold miner who gained prominence through his appearance on the reality TV show Gold Rush.

Does Tony Beets still live in Maricopa, AZ? ›

Now that Tony Beets moved from. Maricopa who is our next famous. resident? find this out?

Who is the fourth Beets kid? ›

Bianca Beets was 12 years old when she appeared on her father's TV show, Gold Rush. Bianca was dubbed “the Supervisor on Paradise Hill,” and her father owns the Scrivener Creek Claim, which Parker Schnabel rents for the fourth season.

Who are Kevin Beets' parents? ›

their bedroom as the 'exercise room'. Tony & Minnie.

Who is the new girl on Gold Rush? ›

Meet Morgan👋 Morgan joins the Ness crew from the oil fields in Alaska as an equipment operator and gold washer.

Who is Zazie Beetz married to? ›

In May 2022 Vanity Fair reported that Beetz had recently gotten engaged to her writing partner, actor David Rysdahl. They met during an acting workshop and have been together since 2014. They started a production company called Sleepy Poppy. The couple married in 2023.

How many kids does Monica Beets have? ›

Does Monica Beets have a child? Yes, the reality TV personality has a daughter named Jasmine with her husband, Tyler.

Is Tony's daughter on Gold Rush married? ›

Monica got married to husband Taylor Mayes in August of 2018 in Dawson City, Yukon, with footage of the big day playing out on this week's episode.

Is Parker Schnabel married yet? ›

Is Parker Schnabel married? The gold miner is unmarried and has never tied the knot with anyone.

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