Legend Rare Tierlist!! | Fandom (2024)

The only reason I am making this tierlist is because my friend Peter (aka @MERGER1223 ), recently installed a mod on his account which gave him infinite Catfood and XP. He lets me experiment on his phone sometimes, where I got him all legend rares (Except for Akuma and Black Zeus) on his account. I tested them all and got these results.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not get mad at me for th`ese rankings. You can disagree with me in the comments and I will take a look.

12: Legeluga

Why am I not surprised. Legeluga is a rusher that has 300 range. He also has 9k DPS, which is very good, but these are only his good qualities. Everything else about him is meh or decent at best. I also forgot to mention that Legeluga has Omnistrike, but it pierces backwards so it's kinda garbage. Basically, Legeluga is meh or average. A disappointing "Legend".

11: Musashi Miyamoto

Many people will hate me for this, but the reason I put Musashi lower that Babel was because of his Single Target. Don't get me wrong 55k DPS on Black enemies is BONKERS, but it means nothing because most stages with Black enemies have like a never ending stream of peons. His range is also mediocre at 400, which also hinders his performance.

10: High Lord Babel

Babel is one of those units who look good on paper but is worse when you actually test it. He has one of the most health in the game, but his qualities as a tanker are average at best. 370 range is barely enough to get you anywhere, and his long recharge time of about 2 minutes and 30 seconds is also undesirable. Still a below average Legend rare.

9: Headmistress Jeanne

This is where things get good... Jeanne is a wonderful unit to own, as her damage against Red and Floating enemies is ridiculous. she does around 23,000 DPS against said traits. Her performance hinders when you use her on mixed trait stages, as she often dies against enemies who aren't Red or Floating. Anyway, she is still really good and a turning point for Legend rares. Another perk is that SHE IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! 🥰🥰😍😘(Yea I simp for her)

8: Wonder MOMOCO

MOMOCO is a top tier generalist early to mid game. Her usage falls of in late to endgame though. She has a 100% chance to create a level 8 wave and 1005 chance to freeze Red, Black, and Angel enemies on her first hit. Oh yea I also forgot to mention that she has multi hit. Since most of her damage is on her third hit, if she gets interrupted during that time, her DPS falls dramatically. If you manage to get her early on, Angel enemies get a lot easier because they are some of the most annoying enemies in early game.

7: Mighty Kristul Muu

Using this a a generalist is nonexistent Imao. Using Muu against Zombies however, it quickly because a very powerful tool. Muu is meant to be a base guardian. With only 1 movement speed, it inches it's way on the ground. It can sort of act like a second Cat Base. staying at the base and shredding through zombies is what it does best. IT also has Omnistrike to be the perfect Zombie destroyer. He can tank hits from strong Zombies which means that he is also a viable Zombie tanker.

6: Doktor Heaven

Both forms are usable against said traits.

First Form: Doktor Heaven is a tanker in his first form, and a good one at that lol. He can tank some of the strongest enemies in his target traits (which are Black and Alien). I use second form more often because for me because damage is more important and health.

Second Form: Doktor Heaven becomes a nuker now. with insane DMG to Aliens and Black enemies. In my opinion this makes him even more viable. His damage against aliens is overshadowed by Bora most of the time, and makes him the more effective option. His usage against Black enemies is still strong overall makes him very effective.

5: Emperor Cat

Probably the most controversial part of my tierlist yet, Emperor Cat is a really good Super Backliner. The reason I put him this low is because of his really low chance at 30% to give a certain debuff. He is nowhere near consistent, so when I tested him, I just used him as a generic sniper. My reasoning for that is because of his above average DPS for a sniper. With 551 range and 4k dps is almost on par with Daliasan. Although when Emperor cat did /Knockback/Weaken/Freeze/Slow/, I just took them as extra bonuses.

4: Lumina

Lumina can make short work of aliens in a matter of seconds. She is insanely tough against Aliens and also has a 100% to weaken enemies and to break barriers. COTC and ITF becomes a joke when you acquire her that early. Due to the fact that she can also break barriers, she makes so many COTC stages so much easier.

3: Ushiwakamaru

The third best Legend Rare, also the best Anti Angel. Ushi is also a solid generalist. Angels, being the one of the most annoying enemies to counter (Mainly because we don't have many cats to work with). Ushi can literally brute force every single angel stage there is out there. 450 range is not that bad, as most angel enemies have less range than that much.

2: Gaia the Creator

I think we all expected Gaia to take the #12spot. 23k DPS against traited enemies is broken. However, there are many flaws in her build. She only has 2 knockbacks, so remember to use her with constant meatshielding. Her range is ok although these are just more reasons to use her with other support units. Protecting her with midrangers may also be a good option. Sometimes, you might even have a lineup built only to sustain Gaia!!!! Basically, a risky unit to use, but broken is sustained well.

1: Kyosaka Nanaho

Stepping into the most broken legend rares, Nanaho takes the #1 spot. She is a very versatile LD unit. Using her as a Anti Metal makes her even more broken. She has a lot of knockbacks and great survivability. Her range also isn't that bad. She may not be the best choice in every stages however, but at that point I'm just nitpicking lol.

Finished Tierlist:

Legend Rare Tierlist!! | Fandom (1)

Emperor Cat isn't on here for some reason, but if he was he would be in between Doktor Heaven and Lumina.

Geez. This entire post literally took like 3 hours lol

Legend Rare Tierlist!! | Fandom (2024)


How rare is it to get a legend rare? ›

The Legend Capsule is a type of Cat Capsule that works almost identically to Platinum Capsules, but has a 5.3% chance to drop a Legend Rare and a 94.7% chance to drop an Uber Rare.

Do any legend rares have true forms? ›

Legend Rare Cats lacked True Forms until 12.2, where High Lord Babel became the first to receive one.

Is headmistress Jeanne good? ›

Headmistress Jeanne is an excellent unit to use against Red and Floating enemies.

What is the highest rarity in battle cats? ›

Rarity. Cat Units are sorted into six different rarities: Normal, Special, Rare, Super Rare, Uber Super Rare and Legend Rare.

What is the best cat in Battle Cats? ›

Meet Crazed Lizard Cat, one of the best cats in Battle Cats and a Super Rare Cat that you can unlock by completing the special event stage called “The Crazed Lizard,” available on the 24th of every month. When Crazed Lizard Cat reaches its True Form, it gains an extended attack range and more power.

Is High Lord Babel good battle cat? ›

He can be used to keep Red/Floating pushers stalled while other attackers do the job, or to deal a few chunks of damage against ranged enemies such as Professor A. as long as there aren't any bulky enemies in the frontline. However, be wary when using him, since he has a very high cost and a very slow recharge time.

Does Uberfest have a legend rare? ›

The drop rate for Legend Rares, Uber Rares, Super Rares and Rares are 0.3%, 9%, 26%, and, 64.7% respectively. Some Rares will turn into Super Rares in this event. Some Super Rares will turn into Uber Rares.

Can you upgrade normal cats to level 30? ›

Levelling up Cat Units can also unlock new forms: upgrading any Cat Unit to total level 10 will unlock its Evolved Form, and upgrading a Normal Cat to total level 30 (i.e., 20+10) will unlock its True Form.

How good is the Emperor Cat? ›

Emperor Cat has two main selling points: range and abilities. While he is able to outrange Camelle, it is very inconsistent due to only outranging him by one. He can also provide great support against any army, thanks to his many abilities.

Is divine kalisa worth it? ›

Divine Kalisa gains a higher attack range and more attack power. The extra range is quite nice and does not hurt, but does not improve enough to change much about her usage. The bigger and more important change is to her attack power, which further increases her devastation against Angels.

How to get Miyamoku Musashi? ›

Miyamoku Musashi is a Special Cat that can be unlocked when beating Multiversal Studios. True Form added in Version 7.0 increases health and damage, grants Zombie Killer, Curse immunity and a chance to freeze Relic enemies.

Is Pai Pai good battle cat? ›

Pai-Pai is great. Especially if you lack in anti-red units. If you lack and in need of anti-red, She's a great pick.

What is the weakest Cat in Battle Cats? ›

Some cats are better than others, but these units are so bad that players should sell them for XP when they pull one of these.
  • Eraser Cat. Has good HP but its damage is abysmal. ...
  • Manic Eraser Cat. Same issue as Eraser. ...
  • Courier Cat. ...
  • Ramen Cat. ...
  • Cyberpunk Cat. ...
  • Fishman Cat. ...
  • Catasaurus. ...
  • Castaway Cat.
Nov 5, 2023

Is meow skeeter good? ›

So, unless the level is thick with Traitless, Metal or long-ranged foes, Meow-sketeer is incredibly powerful and a great choice.

Is Axe Cat good? ›

Even so, Axe Cat can be used as a damage dealing meatshield like Cat or Tank Cat where money generation is no problem. However, the higher cost combined with low health make Axe Cat a poor choice, even against Red enemies. The misery for Axe Cat only continues when stronger attackers like Crazed Axe Cat are unlocked.

Is a legendary rare? ›

Legendary is the highest level of rarity, above Free, Common, Rare and Epic.

Is Legelan Pasalan good? ›

Legelan Pasalan's range is quite mediocre, standing at just 300, and while other stronger rushers fail in this aspect, they make it up with much higher overall damage.

How do you get Legend rare Catseyes? ›

Special Catseyes appear in the form of a 4★ accessory, obtainable from achievements tied to the stage "Battle Cats Tower" (風雲にゃんこ塔). Legend Catseyes drop from every main collab stage, also in the form of an accessory.

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