Kelsey And Dabb Video: Twitter Explains the Fan Bus Leaked Footage Scandal! (2024)

Kelsey And Dabb Video: Here’s everything you require to know about the Twitter fan bus footage incident.In an unexpected turn of events, a leaked video involving popular TikTok sensation Kelsey Lawrence & Dabb Gasm has gone viral on social media.

The video depicts an accidental meeting between the two celebrities on the Fan Bus a platform, which allows followers to interact with their favorite celebrities. This unexpected meeting has sparked a frenzy of intrigue and suspicion among their fans and the general public. There are many unanswered questions about the nature of their contact and its ramifications for their jobs and personal lives.

The leaked video controversy involving Kelsey Lawrence and Dabb Gasm is already dominating online discussions, with viewers wanting to learn more about this intriguing meeting. Stay tuned because we’ll delve into the bowels of this viral feeling, bringing readers all the necessary updates and insights.

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Kelsey and Dabb: How Did They Meet On A Fan Bus?

Kelsey Lawrence is a 3’10” woman who is well-known for her cosmetic videos on TikTok and Instagram. Her beauty tips and lessons have earned her over 150k users on both platforms. Dabb also has a YouTube account where she regularly broadcasts vlogs and challenges. Dabb Gasm is a TikTok and Instagram comic known for his humorous sketches and pranks. He has over 80k followers on both networks and is active on YouTube as well. He frequently interacts with other content makers and makes fun of current events.

Kelsey And Dabb Video, according to online sources, and communicated her affections on The Fan Bus, a program that allows fans to meet their favorites on a bus.

The Fan Bus organizes the meetup and films it for their YouTube channel. Other renowned people, such as Baby Alien, have already appeared on the platform. Kelsey and Dabb’s meeting on the Fan Bus was captured on camera and shared on YouTube as well as other social media platforms. Kelsey is seen waiting in the bus as Dabb enters through the back door. They greet each other with hugs, and Kelsey appears apprehensive and delighted. They then sit and talk while the camera records their reactions.

Why Did Kelsey And Dabb’s Video Go Viral On Twitter?

The video of Kelsey and Dabb interacting on the Fan Bus quickly became popular on Twitter, with many people sharing their thoughts and memes in response. Some people congratulated them, while others mocked them. Some individuals also questioned the video’s validity, accusing them of fabricating it for promotional purposes. The video also caused debate, with some claiming it was leaked without their permission and breached their privacy. Some users have accused the Fan Bus platform of taking advantage of influencers & their fans in exchange for views and money.

Some people were also concerned about Kelsey’s safety, thinking that Dabb would exploit her. The video has since been removed from YouTube and other sites, but copies are still available on the internet. Kelsey And Dabb Video have yet to respond to the video or the incident, but they have left cryptic notes on their stories on Instagram. It is unclear whether they are still in communication or if they are interested in working together in the future.


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As the Twitterverse buzzes with speculation and debate over the Kelsey and Dabb Fan Bus video, the internet eagerly awaits further developments in this intriguing saga. The viral sensation has raised important questions about privacy, authenticity, and the relationship between influencers and their fans in the digital age. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to uncover the mysteries surrounding this unexpected and captivating rendezvous.

Kelsey And Dabb Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who are Kelsey Lawrence and Dabb Gasm?

A1: Kelsey Lawrence is a TikTok and Instagram influencer known for her cosmetic videos, while Dabb Gasm is a TikTok comedian famous for his humorous sketches and pranks.

Q2: What is the Fan Bus?

A2: The Fan Bus is a platform that allows fans to meet their favorite celebrities on a bus and film these encounters for their YouTube channel.

Q3: What happened in the leaked video involving Kelsey and Dabb?

A3: The leaked video shows an unexpected meeting between Kelsey and Dabb on the Fan Bus. They greet each other with hugs and engage in conversation, and their reactions are captured on camera.

Q4: Why did the video go viral on Twitter?

A4: The video gained popularity on Twitter as it sparked a wide range of reactions, from congratulations to skepticism about its authenticity. It also raised concerns about privacy and influencer-fan dynamics.

Q5: Has Kelsey and Dabb’s video been taken down?

A5: Yes, the video has been removed from YouTube and other platforms, but copies can still be found online.

Q6: Have Kelsey and Dabb responded to the video or the incident?

A6: As of now, Kelsey and Dabb have not directly addressed the video or the incident, but they have posted cryptic messages on their Instagram stories.

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Kelsey And Dabb Video: Twitter Explains the Fan Bus Leaked Footage Scandal! (2024)
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