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ENTPs are known to be social or outgoing creatures with innovative minds and flexible approaches.

The ENTP compatibility is generally good with all personality types as they have the ability to adapt to suit their partner’s needs, but the best match for ENTP is ESTP in addition to another ENTP.

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ENTP Compatibility Chart

Best MatchENTP94%
Good MatchESFP87%
Bad MatchINTP51%
Worst MatchINTJ22%

Best Match for ENTP

According to The Personality Data Project, best matches for ENTPs are ESTPs and other ENTPs.

ENTPs are logic-oriented, full of energy, and always on the lookout for new and interesting things to do.

The personality types ENTPs are most compatible with and have the best compatibility are both outgoing in nature, have an analytical mind and a spontaneous approach.

Since they are themselves always up for random adventures, they want a partner who is equally enthusiastic about it and accompanies them.

ENTP and ENTP Relationship

ENTP-ENTP Compatibility: 94%

ENTPs are known for their charismatic personality, inventive thinking, and ability to see the world from multiple perspectives.

The ENTP compatibility is not the highest with people that are looking for a relationship that involves lots of one-on-one time because they can be highly independent at times.

In a perfect world, an ENTP would have a partner who is adventurous, open-minded, and willing to try new things at every opportunity. An ENTP is most compatible with another ENTP because they love taking part in conversations that challenge the mind and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

ENTP and ESTP Relationship

ENTP-ESTP Compatibility: 92%

ESTPs are an ENTP ideal match and the relationship is a unique one as both types are highly independent and are always looking for new ways to grow and expand their horizons.

These two are extremely outgoing and always experimenting around which leads to a lot of excitement and adventure in the relationship.

Along with these similarities, another trait shared by these two is that they are both logical people who assess situations analytically instead of being influenced by its emotional aspect.

Good Match for ENTP

According to The Personality Data Project, good matches for ENTPs are ESFPs, ENFPs, ENTJs, ENFJs, and ESTJs.

ENTPs are always on the lookout for good matches. After all, they want to be with someone who understands and appreciates their unique way of thinking.

They are always interested in meeting new and interesting people to connect with as they have a sociable nature and the only trait shared by all the personality types on this list is that they are all extroverts who do not shy away from social interactions.

ENTP and ESFP Relationship

ENTP-ESFP Compatibility: 87%

The relationship is built on their shared love of novelty and new experiences and it is also what makes ESFPs the perfect partners for ENTPs.

ENTPs are natural explorers who are always looking for new ways to experience life, and ESFPs are fun-loving social butterflies who enjoy being in the moment and living life to the fullest.

Together, these two types can create a dynamic and exciting relationship that is full of new adventures if ENTPs keep in mind that their partner is a bit sensitive while ESFPs understand that their partner has an objective approach.

ENTP and ENFP Relationship

ENTP-ENFP Compatibility: 85%

ENFPs make it to the list of top ENTP matches as they are both known for being outgoing, creative, and spontaneous. As such, it is no surprise that these two types often find themselves attracted to each other.

The only possible root of conflict may be their way of assessing a situation as ENTPs have an extremely objective approach whereas ENFPs tend to focus on the emotional aspect.

The key to making this relationship work is to learn to respect each other’s way of assessing or thinking and to find ways to compromise when disagreements arise. If both partners can do this, then ENFPs can potentially be the best partner for ENTPs.

ENTP and ENTJ Relationship

ENTP-ENTJ Compatibility: 81%

The ENTP personality compatibility is high with ENTJs as both of these personality types are highly intelligent, driven, and outgoing. They are also both very independent and prefer to live life on their own terms.

ENTPs are the radical visionary of the two, always looking for new and interesting ways to change the world. They are always curious, intelligent and full of ideas.

ENTJs are the executives who like to get things done. They are goal oriented and will often take control over situations when they feel that others are not doing enough. Together these two types form a perfect balance between vision and action.

ENTP and ENFJ Relationship

ENTP-ENFJ Compatibility: 73%

ENTPs are impulsive and rational whereas ENFJs are organized and compassionate but they are the best match for a romantic relationship as they are both always looking for ways to grow and improve.

ENTPs are called enthusiasts because they love to explore new things and share their ideas. They are always on the go and want to experience as much as possible. ENFJ are feelers, which means they have a deep understanding of people and emotions. This can help them work together to find solutions and understand conflicts.

This relationship has the potential to be extremely close, personal and a great source of support and encouragement for both partners.

ENTP and ESTJ Relationship

ENTP-ESTJ Compatibility: 70%

ENTPs love to explore new ideas, make suggestions and challenge themselves intellectually as they wish to see the world from different perspectives. They enjoy being around other people, but only if they are allowed to be independent and creative.

ENTJs love having control over their environment and are naturally in charge of making decisions. They take responsibility for what goes on around them and are aware of even the minute details.

ESTJs are the ENTP best match as they both enjoy spending time together and working on projects that they find interesting and challenging.

Bad Match for ENTP

According to The Personality Data Project, bad matches for ENTPs are INTPs, ISTPs, INFPs, and ESFJs.

ENTPs are used to being the life of the party as they are charming, outgoing, and always up for a good time. But they do not have good compatibility with each type and there are some types that are definitely not the right ENTP match.

Since they are social creatures who love experimenting, they have weak compatibility with those who are too reserved or not that spontaneous.

ENTP and INTP Relationship

ENTP-INTP Compatibility: 51%

ENTPs are action-oriented people who enjoy doing things as they want to explore new possibilities and do not like sitting still for too long.

INTPs are more of a thought-oriented person, who enjoys searching for knowledge and understanding. They are not as interested in doing or having which can cause some conflict between these two types.

The ENTP personality type compatibility is not the highest with INTPs because they may become frustrated by the latter’s timidity and lack of action , while INTPs may feel the same due to their partner’s extremely outgoing personality.

ENTP and ISTP Relationship

ENTP-ISTP Compatibility: 35%

The traits shared by both are that they are both spontaneous and always up for random adventures. They are also very analytical and logical, and they have a great deal of respect for each other’s intellect.

The potential areas of conflict are that ENTPs tend to be social creatures with the mind of a dreamer whereas ISTPs are introspective and focused on what their senses feed them.

ISTPs are the best match for ENTP males as they both enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts. However, they can sometimes have difficulty understanding each other’s perspective which can lead to conflict.

ENTP and INFP Relationship

ENTP-INFP Compatibility: 35%

People with the ENTP personality are relatively more outgoing and focused on being logically correct whereas INFPs are introverted and pay great emphasis on the emotional aspect.

These two personality types are known for their ability to understand and support each other in a way that few other personality types can.

While the ENTP is known for their logic and rationality, the INFP is known for their compassion and empathy. This combination of strengths makes INFPs a perfect ENTP relationship match for a long-term relationship.

ENTP and ESFJ Relationship

ENTP-ESFJ Compatibility: 32%

When it comes to relationships, these are two very different personality types. ENTPs are known for being spontaneous, logical and innovative, while ESFJs are known for being more traditional, organized and compassionate.

While these differences can sometimes be a source of conflict, they can also complement each other quite well. ENTPs can help to bring some excitement and adventure into a relationship, while ESFJs can provide stability and support.

The quality that makes ESFJs compatible with ENTP is that they are both outgoing in nature and love to interact with each other and everyone around them

Worst Match for ENTP

According to The Personality Data Project, worst matches for ENTPs are INTJs, ISFPs, INFJs, ISTJs, and ISFJs.

When it comes to relationships, ENTPs are often drawn to personality types with opposing or contrasting traits.

However, this does not always mean that the relationship will be a good match. In fact, there are some personality types that are particularly incompatible with the ENTP.

As ENTPs are spontaneous people who enjoy engaging socially, they have the worst compatibility with introverts and people who tend to place too much value on routine and tradition.

ENTP and INTJ Relationship

ENTP-INTJ Compatibility: 22%

ENTPs are opportunistic personality types constantly looking for new ideas, new places to go and people to meet. They enjoy engaging socially and are always up for impromptu plans.

INTJs are more of a skeptic who prefers to focus on what they already know to be true. They are introverted people who like to plan everything beforehand and not always as eager to explore or discover new things.

Because of this difference in outlook, INTJs are not the best personality type for ENTPs and it is important for them to keep an open mind if they want to prolong this bond.

ENTP and ISFP Relationship

ENTP-ISFP Compatibility: 14%

These two personality types are very different in how they approach life and relationships, but they can complement each other very well.

ISFPs are one of the ENTP worst matches and it is important for them to be patient and to understand that ENTPs may not always process emotions in the same way that they do as they have an objective approach.

ENTPs are intuitive extroverts who tend to think logically whereas ISFPs are introverted sensors who give emotions an equal weightage while making a decision.

ENTP and INFJ Relationship

ENTP-INFJ Compatibility: 11%

ENTPs are typically outgoing and spontaneous, while INFJs are more introspective and thoughtful. This combination can create a dynamic and exciting relationship that is full of growth and exploration.

These two personality types are often drawn to each other because of their differences but this contrast can also cause conflicts in the relationship.

INFJs are not the perfect ENTP romantic match as they are emotional beings who prefer pre planning everything which can make ENTPs feel restricted as they are analytical and free flowing people who like to keep their options open.

ENTP and ISTJ Relationship

ENTP-ISTJ Compatibility: 11%

ISTJs are traditionalists who like to focus on getting tasks finished and work hard until they are, while ENTPs are innovative thinkers who are not as focused on completing one task because they have multiple ideas.

ISTJs are not the best match for ENTPs as both types are highly independent but if they are also able to come together and work cooperatively towards common goals, this relationship can be a great source of strength and stability for both partners.

ENTPs can help ISTJs to be more open minded and creative, while ISTJs can help to structure and organize things in a more practical way.

ENTP and ISFJ Relationship

ENTP-ISFJ Compatibility: 5%

ENTPs are outgoing, creative, and adaptable, while ISFJs are supportive, reliable, and detail-oriented.When it comes to relationships, the ENTP is often searching for something new, exciting and different. They want to be challenged and pushed outside of their comfort zones.

ISFJs on the other hand appreciate stability and security in their relationships and are not big fans of change or excitement.
ENTPs are least compatible with ISFJs because they are extremely contrasting personality types with nothing in common and this relationship needs to be built on complementary strengths.

ENTP Compatibility With 16 Types (Best & Worst Matches) | Mindbee (2024)
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